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Enter Shikari are aiming to go “bigger” on next album

By | Published on Monday 14 November 2016

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari have promised that their next album will be more “extreme”, and why not I say. If they want to make something more extreme, who are we to say no? We may live in uncertain times, but I think we can all agree it is Enter Shikari’s right to make any new record as extreme as they like. Though now that pledge has been made in an interview with NME, I’m deeming that a binding contract and anything less extreme than last long player ‘The Mindsweep’ will result in litigation.

“I’ve been writing for the last few months, so it’s an organisational period really of getting stuff together,” the band’s Rou Reynolds told NME of the new material that is currently in development. “I can’t really not write or have down time. Even if I’m on holiday there’ll be something going on. We’ll be recording in January, February time, so we’ve got a few months to get everything prepared”.

Recent surprise single ‘Hoodwinker’ is not a sign of things to come, apparently, with the band’s new songwriting more influenced by their recent experience of playing arenas. Continues Reynolds: “When you go into a venue that size and it’s a big empty room you can bring in stuff and make the whole space your own, make it an environment, and that’s something we’ve never really shied away from. We’re edging towards [something] more sort of, not theatrical, but bigger. Something more grandiose than punk I suppose”.

“So yeah”, he goes on. “I think that gave us a taste of what we can sort of be, and grow into hopefully. I think that’s the only thing that we’re thinking of at the moment, just kind of, as we’re writing, trying to figure out not a complete direction change or departure but just trying to make things sound bigger. It’s always the classic cliché of, the heavier bits are going to be heavier, the melodies are going to be more melodious”.

You can’t beat a classic cliché, hey, Reynolds? Not least because I’m not sure a new cliché is actually a cliché. But what I do know for certain is that Enter Shikari will play the Slam Dunk Festival next May, hopefully with those new “bigger” songs completed and ready to be played.