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Single Review: Esben And The Witch – Lucia At The Precipice (Too Pure)

By | Published on Monday 1 February 2010

Esben And The Witch

Mixing Underworld exhilaration with the minimalist indie of The xx, all with lush Siouxie Sioux style vocals, smothered in echo and effects, Esben And The Witch know how to create atmosphere. You can nearly taste that moistened steam on your tongue as ‘Lucia And The Precipice’ bubbles up a potion of tension, lust and chills. There’s a Gothic romance too – more Shelley or Stoker than ‘Twilight’ – that gives maturity to this young Brighton lot, who, with warrant, should be heading to critical acclaim in a music press enraptured with anything that possesses a clever synth. An enthralling song, perfectly paced and wrapped in devilish ambience. TM

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