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Evanescence draw fire from Anonymous after online paedophilia cover-up accusations

By | Published on Wednesday 5 September 2012


Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee, the band’s manager Andrew Lurie and Ed Vetri, the head of their label, Wind Up Records, have all been named as new targets for online hacktivist group Anonymous.

The loose group of hackers have taken offence at Lee et al based on allegations made in a parliamentary petition submitted by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming in July. In that document, Hemming claims that Lee and Lurie hired law firm Shillings to force a user of the band’s web forum,, to remain silent about concerns over alleged illegal activity being undertaken by some other forum members, including paedophile and cyber bullying activities, the latter linked to allegations one forum member had encouraged another to consider suicide.

Seemingly the silenced user wanted to report the alleged crimes, but was asked to sign a contract saying they would not, presumably (if true) because of concerns about the impact such allegations would have on the band and their website.

Responding to all this in, a statement at says: “Lee and Lurie have been named in the UK Parliament as using corporate legal threats to hide evidence of child pornography and their own culpability in attempts to procure the suicide of a teenager. The band hired the infamous corporate law firm Schillings to intimidate fans into signing illegal contracts not to report crimes. The band have hidden evidence of child molesters lurking on their official chat board whilst Ed Vetri has done nothing to stop them”.

It continues: “We Anonymous aim to diminish if not eradicate this plague from the internet. For the good of our followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment we shall expel from the internet and systematically destroy Amy Lee and Andrew Lurie unless they agree to cease and desist their selfish and corrupt actions … Evanescence are touring the UK in November and Anons are asked to picket their concerts in full masked gear”.

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