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Eventbrite integrates with Instagram for extra ticketing flogging goodness

By | Published on Thursday 10 May 2018


Instagram has integrated itself with a bunch of e-commerce platforms meaning companies will be able to transact with their followers on the social network, should that be something they are keen to do.

That transacting might take the form of flogging a ticket, with ticketing service Eventbrite – already integrated with Instagram’s sister service Facebook – among the platforms being newly integrated on the image-centric social media platform.

Which is how Las Vegas-based music festival Life Is Beautiful is now selling tickets via the Instagram app. Whether that innovation means life now actually is beautiful you can decide for yourselves.

“Life Is Beautiful has a highly engaged and enthusiastic community on Instagram”, the festival’s boss Justin Weniger told Billboard. “It has long been one of the most powerful channels for us to reach fans. The Eventbrite integration with Instagram has proved to help deliver an even better ticket buying experience”.

Well, isn’t that lovely? But is it beautiful? No, we agreed you were going to decide that for yourselves. I can’t do everything for you.