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Example prepares to save guitar music

By | Published on Thursday 12 July 2012


There’s been a lot of talk about ‘guitar music’ this year, whatever that is. Tedious rock bands going over well-trodden ground, generally, I think.

Anyway, while some have pronounced it dead, many have been rallying around campaigning for its return to the charts (I’m sure you remember all that nonsense with The Enemy a few weeks back). Well, I’m sure the proponents of what is alarmingly often referred to as ‘proper music’ will be pleased to know that Example is on the case.

Speaking to the NME, the singer/rapper said that his new album features “every genre” of guitar music. I particularly look forward to his take on black metal.

He told the music weekly: “It’s very good. It’s like every genre of guitar music. There’s stadium rock, there’s some more U2 and Coldplay moments on there, in terms of riffs. And then there’s some grungy stuff more like, Foo Fighters ballads. And then there’s some more Green Day-esque stuff then some Soundgarden-type stuff”.

However, he quickly moved to reassure everyone that the album wouldn’t see him moving completely over to outdated sounds from the past, adding: “Everything’s got a massive guitar riff, but then backed up by electronic drums and synth basslines or dubstep sort of basslines. It’s all pretty uplifting. That’s the vibe and I’m happy with it”.