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Facebook launches new app for ‘event seekers’

By | Published on Wednesday 12 October 2016


Facebook has launched a new event discovery app, called Events, as part of the company’s bid to fill your phone with a whole load of extra apps that could easily be part of its main app. Stop moaning, you don’t have to download it. Anyway, what’s wrong with events? I thought you liked events? Events are great. There’s all people and beer and that.

“Every day, more than 100 million people use Facebook Events to discover things they can do with their friends – from festivals and 5Ks to neighbourhood fairs and nightlife”, says Facebook’s Product Manager Aditya Koolwal. “With hundreds of millions of events shared on Facebook every year, the fear of missing out is becoming a thing of the past”.

Yeah, the fear of missing out is being replaced by annoyance at missing out. I’ve already been told about one thing this week that I really wanted to go to but can’t because of a prior engagement. And AAMO’s not as easy to say as FOMO either. Thanks Facebook. Thanks for nothing.

Anyway, so, in Koolwal’s words, Events is “a new app we designed for event seekers who are passionate about keeping up with nearby events and finding things to do with their friends. Whether you’re looking for something to attend this weekend or just wondering what’s happening in your area, Events will help get you there”.

“Event seekers”? Well, whatever, it’s available for US iPhone users now, so knock yourself out if you happen to be one of those.