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Father John Misty creates fake streaming service, for some reason

By | Published on Thursday 29 January 2015

Father John Misty

Father John Misty, aka former Fleet Fox John Tillman, has created a parody streaming service called SAP to promote his new album, ‘I Love You, Honeybear’. It makes a very clever comment on the modern music industry. Well, I’m assuming it’s very clever indeed, because I seriously have no idea what he’s banging on about.

“I am pleased to introduce SAP, a new signal-to-audio process by which popular albums are ‘sapped’ of their performances, original vocal, atmosphere and other distracting affectations so the consumer can decide quickly and efficiently whether they like a musical composition, based strictly on its formal attributes, enough to spend money on it”, sniggers Tillman.

Through tears of laughter, he continues: “SAP files sound incredible when compressed and streamed at low resolutions over any laptop speaker or cell phone. They are cheap to produce and take up even less space than the average MP3. They contain just enough meta-data to be recognized by sophisticated genre aggregation software. Everything you love about discovering and sharing free music, minus the cost to anyone: artist or fan”.

After reading this set up on the SAP website, you can listen to a version of Tillman’s new record with the vocals replaced by crappy synth sounds. See, I told you it was probably clever, or something.

Check it out for yourself here.