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Festival No.6 to go on hiatus

By | Published on Friday 20 July 2018

Festival No 6

Organisers of the Global Entertainment-owned Festival No.6 have announced that after this year’s edition in September the event will go on hiatus. The seventh outing of the music and arts festival staged in the quirky surroundings of the Portmeirion village in North Wales takes place from 6-9 Sep.

In a statement, the event’s promoters said yesterday: “When we started Festival No.6 we had one aim – to create a completely new type of festival in a location unlike any other, catering for a different type of audience. Over the past six years, we’ve done everything we can to bring you an unrivalled festival experience in a truly unique setting, driven by a desire to do things differently”.

They went on: “In six short years the profile of the festival has far outgrown its intimate capacity, picking up numerous awards, gaining international recognition and becoming one of the world’s most unique festivals. We always knew we had something special but we never quite expected it to capture people’s imagination the way it has”.

However, they add, “running Festival No.6 hasn’t been without its challenges. Portmeirion is a complex site and we’ve had fun adapting and reinventing the festival every year, but unfortunately No.6 is just not sustainable in its current format and so we’ve made the difficult decision to take a breather – 2018 will be the last Festival No.6 for now”.

Thanking the artists, suppliers and local organisations that have helped make the festival happen, the promoters conclude: “Taking a break is the right decision but not all is lost, we’re already thinking about the future… As [Portmerion architect] Sir Clough Williams-Ellis said, ‘cherish the past, adorn the present and construct for the future'”.