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Five Day Forecast – w/c 18 Jun 2012

By | Published on Monday 18 June 2012

Andy Malt

What were you doing ten years ago? Maybe you were glued to Jade Goody’s first appearance on ‘Big Brother’. Maybe you were hoping that Holly Valance’s ‘Kiss Kiss’ wouldn’t make it nine straight weeks at number one. Maybe you were just preparing yourself for watching Rod Stewart headlining Glastonbury. One thing’s for sure though, you weren’t receiving your music news via the CMU Daily, because, as you’ll see below, on this day a decade ago it didn’t (quite) exist yet.

01: CMU Daily’s tenth birthday. The CMU Daily turns ten years old this Thursday. That’s right, it’s almost exactly ten years since we first bothered your inbox and we’ve been doing it every weekday since then. Well, maybe not your specific inbox. Mine though – I got the first one all those years ago, long before I actually started working here. But you may be one of the thousands of people who have signed up over the last decade (there are now about 25,000 of you), or you could be one of the thousands more who read our content via Either way, we like you and we hope you’ll continue reading for at least another decade. Thanks!

02: Congressional hearing for Universal’s EMI purchase. Also this Thursday, the US Senate judiciary committee’s antitrust panel will consider the proposed Universal/EMI deal. Although something of a side show to the main regulatory investigation into the proposed takeover, it will likely be the most public airing of the arguments for and against the acquisition. And with five music industry veterans – Universal’s Lucian Grainge, EMI’s Roger Faxon, Live Nation’s Irving Azoff, Warner’s Edgar Bronfman Jr and Beggars’ Martin Mills – all expected to speak, it should make for very interesting viewing.

03: Scottish Album Of The Year Award. Tomorrow will see the announcement of the first ever winner of the Scottish Album Of The Year Award, a kind of Scottish version of the Mercury Prize. The winner will receive £20,000, while each runner up will get £1000. Not bad. Nominated artists are Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, Conquering Animal Sound, Happy Particles, King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Mogwai, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Remember Remember, Rustie, Tommy Smith and Twin Atlantic.

04: New releases. Oh, there are lots of new releases out this week, which one should I start with? How about Justin Bieber? That do anything for you? No, OK, well Smashing Pumpkins have a new one out and it pisses on Radiohead and kills fascists. Yeah. Also out this week are new albums from Cheryl Cole (or Cheryl, as we apparently now have to pretend she’s called), Metric, Peaking Lights, the physical release of Fixers‘ debut, and the swansong of Run, WALK! Also, there are short-form releases from Marconi Union, ILLLS, and Kindness.

05: Gigs. There are some old people touring this week, namely Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell and Westlife. The latter will broadcast their final show before retirement to cinemas across the land. There are other people playing gigs this week too, some of whom are not so old and some who are actually quite young. They are Jack White, Bloc Party, Marina And The Diamonds, Best Coast, Cold Specks, OFF!, Gallows, Foxes, Stay+ and Kindness.

And that’s your lot for now.

Andy Malt
Editor, CMU