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Foo Fighters were “kicked off” Emmy Awards

By | Published on Tuesday 22 September 2015

Foo Fighters

A Foo Fighters performance at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards was pulled, after a dispute with broadcaster Fox, the band say. As a result, they did not attend the event, despite the band being nominated for two awards for their documentary series ‘Sonic Highways’.

Speaking to TMZ, Dave Grohl said: “We were supposed to play on the Emmys, and we were gonna play on the Emmys, and then they kicked us off. I can’t tell you [why], do your research, but they did”.

TMZ didn’t accept the challenge to get researching, but Rolling Stone did. Though the magazine’s website did its research by, er, speaking to Dave Grohl. Well, speaking to a spokesperson for the Foo Fighters, anyway. It’s possible Dave Grohl does his own PR under an assumed name. Look, let’s just all agree that this segue hasn’t really worked and look at the statement instead.

“The band and the [award organisers] were extremely happy and excited to have Foo Fighters play as the first ever rock band on the Emmys”, someone or other told Rolling Stone. “Fox then refused to allow the band to play a full song from the Emmy-winning ‘Sonic Highways’. That is why the band decided not to perform”.

Clever use of “Emmy-winning ‘Sonic Highways'” there. The show didn’t actually win in either of the two categories for which it was nominated. But, noted Grohl while speaking to TMZ, “We won two Emmys last [time] … so we’ve got two of them”.

Asked if he’d consider playing the awards ceremony next year, despite the falling out with Fox, he said: “I’ll do anything”. Something to bear in mind there, if you need someone to play your village fete at short notice.