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Former Beggars operations guy launches new music services firm

By | Published on Tuesday 10 January 2017


Former Head Of Operations at Beggars Group, Kristian Davis-Downs, has launched a new services business looking to work with both labels and artists direct.

Davis-Downs, who has been working on new business Monokrome since last year, following a stint at Naim Records after more than a decade with Beggars, says his company will “tie together the disparate aspects of manufacturing, distribution, publishing, data asset management and financial advice”. So, something of a one-stop operational shop, then.

Says Davis-Downs: “The unnecessary challenges created when trying to run a label, or self release music, all link back to a fragmented approach. ‘Manufacturing?’ ‘Speak to that company’. ‘Distribution?’ ‘Talk to that lot’. ‘Publishing?’ ‘Maybe this, that or the other guy’. ‘Data Asset Management?’ ‘Excuse me??’ The inertia created by having to go through the superfluous steps – time and energy wasted in unnecessary meetings, negotiations and complications – you get the picture”.

Monokrome plans to have an assortment of partners in place in a bid to bring all those different services together, the company itself then providing clients with a single contact point. A single contact point who knows what data asset management is, presumably.