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Former Fleet Fox Father John Misty confirms new album

By | Published on Wednesday 5 November 2014

Father John Misty

Father John Misty, aka one-time Fleet Foxes man Josh Tillman, will on 9 Feb release his highly concept-driven new LP, ‘I Love You, Honeybear’, via Bella Union. Blammo.

I say ‘highly concept-driven’, but that’s really the joke, because as Tillman writes in his short-novel-length notes on the record, it’s kind of essentially about him falling in love with his now-wife Emma. “My ambition, aside from making an indulgent, soulful, and epic sound worthy of the subject matter, was to address the sensuality of fear, the terrifying force of love, the unutterable pleasures of true intimacy, and the destruction of emotional and intellectual prisons in my own voice. Blammo”, adds Pa John.

Anyway, this is him singing its lead track, ‘Bored In The USA’, that time he went on American TV recently with a big band. Bye!