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Girl Ray and The Boy Least Likely To team up for sticky Christmas song

By | Published on Tuesday 4 December 2018

Girl Ray's Poppy Hankin and Jof Owen of The Boy Least Likely To

Girl Ray’s Poppy Hankin and Jof Owen of The Boy Least Likely To have recorded a Christmas song together under the name Bubble & Squeak, called ‘The Christmas Stick’.

“I’d had the title ‘The Christmas Stick’ in my head for about five years”, says Owen, explaining how the collaboration came about. “No one ever seemed to think it was as funny as I did. Except Poppy”.

Spotter of comic potential Hankin adds: “Jof told me about the idea for the song one night in the pub, but all he had so far was the line ‘you’ve been hit, you’ve been hit, you’ve been hit by the Christmas stick’. I remember singing an idea for it straight away and then we got together the next morning and wrote the rest of it. It ended up being a really sweet love song, which we didn’t expect it to be”.

Owen continues: “When I went round to Poppy’s to start writing she was making a playlist of songs that she thought were similar in vibe to Dido’s ‘White Flag’. She [then] told me she’d been practicing dancing like Dua Lipa all morning and got me to compare her dancing to Dua Lipa’s on a YouTube video. [It was] pretty much the same way Lennon and McCartney started writing together, I imagine”.

Hankin is already a veteran Christmas song writer, having released ‘(I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas’ with Girl Ray last year. You can listen to her latest effort here: