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Global to launch five new stations, starting with Heart 90s

By | Published on Thursday 29 August 2019


Radio firm Global has followed the lead of rival Bauer in launching another bunch of new radio stations. Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five – oh, actually, it is five – yes, five new stations will arrive online and on the DAB network over the next week.

All five new outlets will be spin-offs of existing Global brands. The first just launched this morning and is called Heart 90s. It will be playing “non-stop 90s feel good classics”. I bet you’re feeling good already, just knowing this new radio station exists. Admit it!

“We’re incredibly excited to reveal the latest addition to the Heart brand”, says the Heart network’s Managing Editor James Rea. “The playlist is pure 90s feel good nostalgia and Heart 90s will celebrate the greatest hits from this iconic decade, which produced some of biggest feel-good records of all time”.

Those of you feeling nostalgic for the 90s rise of indie and the Britpop revolution, or those years when grunge made it into the charts, or 1990s rave culture and the dance genres it helped bring to the mainstream, really need to remember that this is Heart 90s. Take That, Spice Girls, George Michael, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears all get namechecked in the station’s definition of the decade’s “feel good classics”.

Details of the other four new stations are to be announced over the next few days, though Rea has very much implied there’ll be another Heart spin-off among them.