Google streaming app coming to iOS soon, unofficial app already available

By | Published on Friday 31 May 2013

Google Play

Google is planning to launch an iOS mobile app for its currently US-only Google Play Music All Access streaming service in the coming weeks, the company’s Sundar Pichai revealed at AllThingsD’s D11 conference yesterday.

The Next Web reports that Pichai said on stage: “In Google’s fundamental DNA … is that we wanted to be universally accessible, and I think that philosophy carries through to today. So our teams are working like crazy to make [our new streaming service] available on iOS, and in a few weeks we’ll launch Google Play Music All Access for iOS”.

However, if you’re already a Google Play Music All Access user, you need not wait, because there’s already an unofficial app available in the iTunes App Store. gMusic has been available to iPhone-owning users of Google’s locker service for some time, and this week it added support for the streaming service.

This is something Google previously said would contravene its terms of service, and would result in the company asking for it to be taken down by Apple. However, a Google spokesperson told this week: “It’s hard to comment on someone else’s app without seeing it and understanding what it does in detail. That said, our system really isn’t built or optimized for third-party apps right now.”