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HMV launch loyalty card

By | Published on Monday 11 May 2009

HMV are launching a new loyalty card which will give customers the opportunity to earn points with every purchase in the retailer’s shops or on their website, which can be redeemed for nice things, some of the usual sort of flim flam you’d expect from a loyalty programme, but also special ‘money-can’t-buy’ things like signed posters or memorabilia or even guitars, or VIP tickets for festivals or film premieres.

I’m not quite sure how the special stuff will be distributed – ie who gets them – perhaps you bid once you have enough points. If I wasn’t in such a rush I’d call them and ask. Perhaps someone from HMV will read this and email in and tell us. Not that we’re the laziest journalists in the world. We’re just contenders.

Anyway, here’s what HMV’s Head of CRM Marketing, Matt Button, told CMU. Yeah, you’re right, we just pulled this off the press release. I mean, if he’d really told us this, we could have said “thanks for that Matt, but tell us, how do you decide who gets the groovy free stuff?” But we didn’t so we couldn’t. Anyway, here’s Matt’s generic quote on the new loyalty scheme – by the way, the card’s called ‘purehmv’. You might need to know that for this quote to make sense.

Button: “The purehmv rewards scheme will be unique in the market place. There is no other card out there that gives people access to such amazing, ‘money-can’t-buy’ rewards ranging from signed guitars to VIP tickets for film premieres. The real beauty of it is that in getting our customers closer to the music, film and games they love, purehmv will also enable HMV to get even closer to its customers”.