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HMV relaunches loyalty scheme

By | Published on Tuesday 5 November 2013


Hey people, PureHMV is back. Remember, it was the entertainment retailer’s loyalty card programme? The one Simon Fox wouldn’t shut up about when I interviewed him at The Great Escape in 2010.

Apparently a million people signed up after the scheme was launched in 2008. Imagine that, a million people all in a line, browsing through HMV’s racks of great new music, and then buying a loss-leading discounted album from the 1990s before going home and ordering the new stuff cheap online.

But that was the old HMV, and this is now. Though if you had ‘points’ on your old PureHMV card before the retailer went into administration at the start of the year, the all new HMV will now return them to you, providing you reactivate your account by the end of January. So that’s all very nice of them, isn’t it? Bet you feel bad now for using HMV to shelter from the rain and then buying all your CDs and DVDs from cost-cutting Amazon.

Loyal (registered) customers will now get a shiny new point for every penny they spend in HMV shops (or every two pennies they spend with the new HMV download store), and as we all know, as long as Brucie’s alive (so at least for the next week) points mean prizes.

Or, as HMV puts it, “cool stuff money can’t buy”. Though, if you had enough money, you could almost certainly get One Direction to sign a book, Hugh Jackman a poster or Jake Bugg a guitar. Actually, I know for a fact that the Bugg would sign your guitar for a fiver. Though this way you don’t have to actually meet Jake Bugg, so there’s definitely something to be said for HMV’s scheme.

Which is why I tracked down Dan Truscott, MD of PureHMV, for this money can’t buy quote: “We’re delighted to bring PureHMV back to our loyal customers and thank them for their patience whilst we rejuvenated the programme. Returning previous point balances to our members in the run up to Christmas, whilst also inviting new members to join, is great news for all HMV enthusiasts who want access to great offers and exclusive money can’t buy opportunities”.