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Icona Pop promote new vodka and wine drink

By | Published on Friday 13 September 2013

Icona Pop

Already flogging Samsung’s new ‘smart watch’, Icona Pop have teamed up with vodka brand Absolut to help launch the company’s new drink, Absolut Tune. Yes, that’s really what it’s called. Apparently it’s a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and vodka drink. I remember at university someone once poured a load of white wine into the vodka I was drinking. It didn’t end well. I’m sure this is fine though.

Anyway, Atlantic Records’ exec VP Brand Partnerships And Commercial Licensing Camille Hackney told Billboard: “Absolut Tune is the perfect pairing for the girls and the creative output of the partnership is groundbreaking. Absolut will play a key role in building our story of Icona Pop as a major music artist. The partnerships that we have secured continue to solidify them as a global musical force”.

There are other quotes, but I think that one best encompasses the utter nonsense they are all comprised of. So, yeah, the first thing they’re doing together is teaming up on the video for the duo’s new single, ‘All Night’. And look! You can watch 20 seconds of that video right here: