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IFPI puts out vinyl stats ahead of Record Store Day

By | Published on Friday 17 April 2015

Record Store Day

Ahead of Record Store Day – which is tomorrow everybody, alert alert, Record Store Day incoming – the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry has put out some stats about the global vinyl market. Because, you know, vinyl revival, wooooooo!

Vinyl sales were up 54.7% last year worldwide, with the Australian market seeing a 127% increase. It means good old fashion vinyl records, just like your Granddad Bob used to use, are now bringing in $346.8 million a year, with the US market account for $181.6 million of that.

Of course, overall vinyl is about 2% of the recorded music market, and the fact that so many bloody CDs are still being sold is possibly the bigger story here. But hey, vinyl revival, woo, yeah, hey man, let’s do this. And now here’s IFPI boss Frances Moore with a quote. And just listen to how crisp it sounds. It would never sound that good on your Tidals and Ponos, let alone your Spotifys and MP3.

“The recording industry is a portfolio business, offering music in formats from vinyl to streaming. Critics thought vinyl would disappear as a format, but many music fans around the world seem to be falling in love with it again. With the accompanying artwork and liner notes, vinyl records really can be a work of art and a collector’s delight”.