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Iggy Azalea secures preliminary injunction against ex to stop distribution of early tracks

By | Published on Tuesday 13 January 2015

Iggy Azalea

That there Iggy Azalea that you won’t shut up about has only gone and got herself a preliminary injunction to stop her pesky ex-boyfriend chappy from shopping around tracks the duo worked on back when they were an item and/or recordings he nicked off her laptop.

As previously reported, tracks featuring the rapper in the possession of one Maurice Williams surfaced online last August, though only for a time as her record label Universal soon had them ceased and desisted.

But the companies who had put the music online said they had a valid agreement signed by Azalea allowing them to distribute the content. The rapper countered that the contract was a fake, using a signature from a separate management agreement she had signed with a bloke called Kareem Chapman.

As previously reported, parties from both sides, including Azalea, testified last week. Azalea noted that the supposed contract was disorganised, out of order and cited a California-based attorney who denies any knowledge of the agreement. The rapper said that what she’d actually signed was a basic management contract providing Chapman with a 20% commission of her income.

Williams and Chapman both also testified, the latter denying he had ever had a management arrangement with Azalea, and insisting that the agreement in question had related to the distribution of some of her recordings. The two men’s testimonies did not entirely agree with each other though, leading the judge to conclude that Azalea had “at the very least raised ‘serious questions’ about the validity of this agreement”.

Which, for the court, was sufficient to issue a preliminary injunction preventing the further distribution of the tracks in William’s possession, at least while this dispute works its way through the motions.