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Iggy to deliver John Peel Lecture

By | Published on Tuesday 23 September 2014

Iggy Pop

On 13 Oct, the pop world’s favourite Iggy – so, that’s Azalea, right? – is going to give the John Peel Lecture at this year’s Radio Festival, which takes place in Salford between 13-15 Oct. Choosing ‘Free Music In A Capitalist Society’ as a topic, Iggy follows in the footprints of past speakers Charlotte Church, Billy Bragg and Pete Townshend in taking the JPL stand.

Looking forward to the big day, Iggy says: “I’ve never given a lecture in my life, but on the day I’m going to attempt a discussion on the subject of free music in a capitalist society. This is a struggle which never ends”.

So that can’t got wrong. Paying respects to the late Peel, the official statement continues: “I get the feeling that John was the kind of guy who would have done his job for nothing, as long as he felt great about it. So we have that in common. He’s done a lot to give others a voice, and that’s the most important gift you can give. Here was a person with strong opinions and enthusiasms who wasn’t defined by any system, because of that his show became an exciting location, kind of like a shop that’s a good hang. So it was a social as well as a musical phenomenon”.

BBC Music Director Bob Shennan, meanwhile, is confident Iggy will “give a topical and thought-provoking speech which 6 Music listeners and BBC Four viewers will enjoy”.

He’s singling 6 Music and BBC Four out because the Lecture will be aired live on the former, and again on the latter on 19 Oct. And obviously, the Iggy we’re talking about here is Pop.