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IMRO announces Concertify tie up

By | Published on Friday 14 February 2020


Irish song rights collecting society IMRO has announced that it is employing a technology called Concertify which, it says, will “help songwriters, composers and music publishers to receive royalties faster after live music concerts” in international markets.

IMRO has already been piloting the data platform for six months. Meanwhile, the Finnish company behind it, Mind Your Rights, has worked with a number of other societies to hone the service, including PRS in the UK, and especially Finland’s Teosto.

In the official blurb, Concertify is described as a platform that “simplifies data and the transfer of data between stakeholders including artists, event organisers, copyright societies, copyright owners and music publishers. The efficiencies gained through Concertify ultimately achieve faster foreign royalty collection”.

Confirming IMRO’s involvement, the society’s Sean Donegan says: “At IMRO, our focus has always been on innovating to drive efficiencies for our members, affiliates, and partners. Concertify has the potential to become an essential tool in the advancement of live music reporting, distribution and interaction within the entire royalty collection society network”.

The boss of Mind Your Rights, Roope Pajasmaa, adds: “We are excited to be working with IMRO, alongside other societies, to take concert copyright management to a new level. Concertify offers societies new digital toolsets, contributing to IMRO’s data-driven and digitally innovative approach to rights management”.