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Jack Daniels launches Sinatra line

By | Published on Friday 14 December 2012

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select

Jack Daniels revealed a partnership with the estate of Frank Sinatra this week, celebrating both the late singer’s love for the American whiskey, and the Frank Sinatra Enterprises company’s love of big cheques.

The special Jack Daniels Sinatra Select drink will only initially be available via ‘travel retailers’, which basically means duty free set ups at airports. To that end, an “interactive tasting and listening experience” was launched at Las Vegas’ McCarren International Airport this week, where the Sinatra drink will be available to taste and buy.

Jack Daniels rep Jim Perry told reporters: “Frank and Jack literally spent years flying around the globe together; wherever Frank went, Jack Daniel’s was by his side. Along with our retail partner, Nuance, we are very excited about the Las Vegas airport installation. We feel that our airport installation will engage consumers in the story of the great friendship between Frank and Jack as well as educate them about the unique craftsmanship of this exclusive whiskey”.

Meanwhile the co-chair of Frank Sinatra Enterprises, Robert Finkelstein, recalled to Billboard how Sinatra would toast his audiences with a glass of the whiskey at his concerts, adding: “He used to call it Daniels, not Jack. And if you went to dinner, there’d be a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on the table and glasses about half-full of ice, and he would generally pour it right from the table”.