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Jack White congratulates Metallica on buying vinyl pressing plant

By | Published on Monday 20 March 2023


Jack White has praised Metallica for their recent acquisition of Virginia-based vinyl pressing plant Furnace Record Pressing, while also urging the major record companies to start building their own vinyl pressing facilities as production delays continue.

“Huge congratulations to the boys in Metallica for purchasing their own vinyl record pressing plant”, wrote White on Instagram. “Welcome to the cause gents! And thank you for putting your money to amazing creative use! Here’s hoping the major labels will also see this as further proof, and finally start investing in themselves. Outstanding”.

Replying to the post, Metallica said: “Thank you, Jack! So unbelievable and grateful to be able to do this after all these years. Who would’ve thought that this was even possible back in the day?! You have pioneered all of this, and we’re psyched to follow in your footsteps!”

White launched his own vinyl pressing company – Third Man Pressing – in 2017, boasting “eight of the first newly built presses in 35 years”.

The relatively small number of new vinyl presses being built in recent history, coupled with the ongoing rise in demand for vinyl releases, has created significant production delays of course. Especially for indie labels and artists looking to put out vinyl releases, with the majors often blocking out pressing plants with their larger orders.

Obviously, investing in expensive new vinyl presses could be considered risky, particularly if you see the vinyl revival of the last decade or so as something of a blip that won’t last long term. Although, as demand for vinyl releases continues to rise annually, White may well be right that it’s about time the majors started investing more in the format themselves.