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Jacko estate lawyer responds to fake vocal claims

By | Published on Friday 12 November 2010

So, it seems the estate of the late Michael Jackson are taking the fake vocals allegations seriously. Their attorney, Howard Weitzman, has issued a long letter addressed to “Dear Fans” (Jackson’s fans presumably, not his) explaining all the various processes the estate and Sony went through to ensure all the lead vocals that appear on the upcoming album ‘Michael’ were indeed recorded by Michael Jackson.

As previously reported, some of the extended Jackson family have raised doubts that it is, indeed, Michael Jackson singing on some of the tracks on the new long player, which has been made by gluing together various recording sessions the late singer took part in before he died. Among the tracks over which doubts have been raised is ‘Breaking News’, the new song that was made available online this week.

But Weitzman insists that numerous Jackson collaborators and music experts have confirmed it is definitely the late king of pop singing on all the tracks on ‘Michael’. He says that while it is known one James Porte, who worked with producer Eddie Cascio on the recording of ‘Breaking News’, appears as a backing vocalist on tracks recorded during those sessions, Jacko is definitely the principal singer.

He explains that, when confirmation of that fact was first sought, after it was decided to include some songs from the Cascio sessions on the new album, he asked six producers who had previously worked with Jackson – Bruce Swedien, Matt Forger, Stewart Brawley, Michael Prince, Dr Freeze and Teddy Riley – to listen to a cappella versions of the tracks, all of whom seemingly confirmed it was Jacko’s voice they were listening to.

Meanwhile Greg Phillinganes, frequently Jackson’s musical director and piano player, who also played on a Cascio produced track, also confirmed the authenticity of the Jacko vocals, as did Dorian Holley, who worked as the king of pop’s vocal director on various tours. And, for final confirmation, one of those forensic musicologists was hired to compare the new vocals to old ones. Sony Music apparently did the same. 

Weitzman finally adds that he has personally spoken to Jason Malachi who, some gossipers have alleged, was hired as a soundalike for the Cascio sessions. Said singer apparently told the legal man he had had no involvement whatsoever with the Cascio Jacko recording sessions.

Weitzman concludes: “Although there still seem to be concerns being expressed in some quarters about the authenticity of the lead vocals, notwithstanding the opinion of those who worked with Michael, and two independent forensic analysts, ultimately, Michael’s fans will be the judges of these songs, as they always are”.

So go on Jacko fans, you heard the man, fuck the science, you tell us: are these the real deal?