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Jacko rumour round-up

By | Published on Tuesday 31 March 2009

We’re still over three months away from the start of Michael Jackson’s O2 residency and already the rumour mill is in full effect. And you can be sure this is only the start. So, let’s look at what’s doing the rounds at the moment.

1: Michael Jackson is attending the funeral of Jade Goody
Michael Jackson is not planning to attend the funeral of Jade Goody. And he’s not turning up on the back on an elephant, either (I made up that bit myself). According to various reports, Jackson was said to have contacted the reality TV star after she was diagnosed as terminally ill to offer words of comfort, and planned to pay his respects at her funeral in London this week. But he won’t. Though he has sent a message to her family. Goody’s publicist Max Clifford said yesterday: “Michael was never, ever coming, it was never on the agenda. He also feels the focus of the funeral should be about her and her family. But he has sent a lovely message of condolence to her family, that she was a brave girl and that her message will save a lot of lives, and he will be sending flowers”.

2: Leona Lewis is supporting Jacko at The Dome
According to reports, X Factor winner Leona Lewis will support Michael Jackson for all 50 of his shows at the O2 Dome and will join him on stage for a rendition of his 1995 hit, ‘Scream’ (originally performed with his sister Janet, of course). Given that we were only recently being told that Leona Lewis won’t go on tour because she’s too scared to stand up on stage, this seems unlikely.

3: He will perform a duet with his son
Reports claim that Jackson will invite his 12 year old son, Prince Michael I, on stage to perform a duet with him on the opening night of his O2 residency. Could be true, I guess.

4: Michael Jackson is currently being played by an actor
This is true.

Stay tuned for another Jacko Rumour Round-up soon.