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Jackson Estate settles with This Is It insurers

By | Published on Thursday 16 January 2014

Michael Jackson

Another of the long running legal disputes relating to the death in 2009 of Michael Jackson has come to an end, after the Jackson Estate and insurance company Lloyds Of London reached an out of court settlement.

Lloyds was the insurer of Jackson’s ill-fated ‘This Is It’ venture. After Jackson died and the planned London residency was pulled, both show promoter AEG and Michael Jackson LLC, a company now controlled by the Estate, made a compensation claim to the insurance group.

But Lloyds refused to pay, arguing that misrepresentations had been made about Jackson’s health when the insurance agreement for ‘This Is It’ had been agreed. And in 2011 the insurers went legal to get court backing for its opinion that AEG/Jacksons’ policy was void, and therefore no monies were owed.

In September 2012, while it was busy preparing for its headline-grabbing legal battle with the Jackson family, which it won last year, AEG announced that it had reached a settlement with Lloyds, and as a result the live giant was removed from the insurance group’s lawsuit as a defendant.

But the legal battle between Lloyds and the Jackson Estate rumbled on. A judge was due to rule anytime now on what evidence would be allowed to be presented at trial, but before that judgement was made the two parties reached a deal.

Had the case gone to court it would have put the health of Michael Jackson in the months before his death, and the prescription drugs he was taking, back under the spotlight.