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Jackson estate urges broadcaster not to air Conrad Murray doc

By | Published on Thursday 10 November 2011

Conrad Murray

The executors of the Michael Jackson estate have urged US TV network MSNBC to not broadcast the previously reported British-made documentary which follows Dr Conrad Murray as he prepared for his involuntary manslaughter trial.

The programme, due to air on Channel 4 over here, includes footage of and interviews with Murray, conducted after Jackson’s death on his watch back in 2009.

The programme is due to air in both the UK and the US shortly, capitalising on the media coverage of the doctor’s conviction for criminal negligence this week. But the Jackson estate has branded the decision to air the programme now as “irresponsible”.

In a statement calling for the documentary to be pulled from the schedules, the estate says: “Like so many of Michael’s fans, the estate is also disgusted by MSNBC’s irresponsible and inexplicable decision to air a Conrad Murray ‘documentary’. The co-executors, John Branca and John McClain, are sending a letter to the top executives at Comcast, NBC Universal and MSNBC to express their disdain for their actions”.

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