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Jacquees sued for $190,000 over missing Instagram posts

By | Published on Friday 20 September 2019


Whatever you do, don’t forget to organise that Instagram plug you promised to post. You know the one I’m talking about. You better make good on that promise, because R&B singer songwriter Jacquees is being sued over his failure to deliver the goods on the social networks in relation to a show in Sayreville, New Jersey earlier this year.

The concert’s promoter Ill Intent Entertainment has gone legal over the artist’s failure to promote a planned February show on Instagram. His agents at ICM Partners are also listed as defendants on the lawsuit, which was actually originally filed in May, but was bounced to a federal court this week.

The legal papers outline various broken promises made by ICM Partners, which kept insisting that its client was about to post a video message about the Sayreville show on his Instagram profile. The post was meant to be have been made by late December last year, but no promo occurred until late January, after much more pushing on Ill Intent’s part.

That was too late, not least because by that time the artist had also booked in a separate show for March in nearby Philadelphia. As a result the Sayreville gig had to be postponed until May. And then Jacquees again failed to deliver promised social media promo on schedule for the alternative date.

The promoter is seeking damages to cover $190,000 in expenses and lost revenues it claims it suffered because of the missing Instagram vids. Jacquees and ICM are yet to comment.