Jah Wobble and LoneLady to release collaborative album

By | Published on Thursday 18 August 2011

Jah Wobble

Former Public Image Limited bassist Jah Wobble has crossed collaborative swords with dark-pop Warp conscriptee LoneLady on a forthcoming album titled ‘Psychic Life’, which is set for release through Cherry Red Records on 14 Nov.

Billing it as an extension of his and LoneLady’s mutually-held post-punk leanings, he links the LP’s tone to “the ideals of late nineteenth century romanticism; especially its poetry which rails, quite rightly, against the rationalisation of life and nature”.

He goes on to say: “Back then, the industrial age was the enemy, whereas now it’s the information-led age, the new Tower Of Babble, in its myriad forms, that stands infantile and all-pervasive in opposition to the romantic ideal. Facebook and the industrial revolution point towards the same thing. Unthinking, unhappy uniformity – well, fuck that”.

Hurrah! Read the rest of Jah Wobble’s highly informative anti-information age rant here on The Quietus.