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Jammber launches app to manage song ownership from creation to royalty collection

By | Published on Monday 28 October 2019


Music royalty administration company Jammber has announced a new end-to-end royalty management platform. It says that its new Jammber Splits service allows for the full management of song royalties from creation to royalty collection.

One of various companies trying to ensure that better rights data is pumped into the system each time a song is written and recorded, the new app will track the people involved in writing and recording any new song and their respective ownership shares in it.

It will then automatically register the song with any relevant collecting societies in the US and Canada, and subsequently facilitate royalty collection. This can all be managed through an app now available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

“The song is at the centre of the universe of music, and ownership is at the centre of the song”, says Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb. “It drives recognition, powers payments and royalties and even inspires further creation. When people are creating music together the conversations around ownership are incredibly nuanced”.

He adds: “At Jammber we want to continually demonstrate how the psychology of great design can simplify complicated tasks and empower creatives and the entire industry to be more efficient. What makes Jammber Splits different is how simple it is to use while also being flexible. Anyone can get started within a few clicks. The idea of writing a song with your friends one moment and registering it to get paid the next moment from the palm of your hand was thought to be impossible until now”.

“We built Jammber Splits with DIY creatives in mind but clean ownership data has broad industry impacts”, he goes on. “Many times when a song is uploaded to the internet it has information about the artist performing it but no information about the songwriters or producers. As a result, the majority of global organisations spend between 15%-20% of their operating budget trying to identify rightsholders in order to get them paid from little more than a song title. A free ownership app available globally for Apple iOS and Android, in multiple languages, will bring down those costs for organisations all over the world”.

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