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Jane Dyball becomes interim CEO at MPA

By | Published on Tuesday 5 May 2015


Following the somewhat sudden departure of Sarah Osborn as CEO of the Music Publishers Association last week, the trade group announced on Friday that Jane Dyball – who heads up the publishing sector’s mechanical rights agency MCPS as well as sister organisations IMPEL and PMLL – will take on the MPA top role on an interim basis.

Confirming the news, MPA Chairman Chris Butler told reporters: “We are very fortunate to have Jane Dyball in place at MCPS/IMPEL and I’m grateful to her for adding the MPA to her portfolio of responsibilities at this interim time”.

Meanwhile Dyball herself said: “I would like to thank Sarah for her contribution to the MPA. She has left in place a strong organisation and a capable staff, and I look forward to working with them as we take the MPA on the next exciting phase of its journey”.

Though don’t go thinking that was last week’s Jane Dyball Quote Of The Week. Oh no, that came in an interview with Music Ally when she was asked about SoundCloud coming to the licensing party somewhat later in the day.

“SoundCloud present themselves as the musicians’ friend”, she noted. “I am friends with musicians and I buy them a drink every now and then. SoundCloud haven’t even bought anyone a cup of tea as far as I can tell”.