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Jay-Z finds misplaced hyphen

By | Published on Tuesday 20 June 2017


Hey, sub-editors. Jay-Z is fucking with you. Yeah, that’s right, I said Jay-Z. The hyphen is back.

Actually, out of stubbornness, CMU never dropped the hyphen from his name in 2013, despite his label apparently deciding that it was of utmost importance that the Z should be allowed to roam free. Still, the rest of the world lost its mind and began militantly enforcing this new stylistic rule.

When the press release about Jay-Z’s new album, ‘4:44’, went out yesterday, it wasn’t initially registered that it saw the re-introduction of the hyphen. But it did. Look.

Except now we’re all apparently supposed to write his name in all-caps. No, chance Mr-Z. We’ll never go down without a fight. Although we admire your incredibly successful attempt to generate publicity by slightly changing how you write your name with each new album release.

Actually, in the trailer for ‘4:44’, his name is stylised ‘JAY:Z’. What are we to make of that? Music writers of the world! Let us not be dictated to like this! Let’s all just agree to call him J-Zee and be done with it.