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Jeff Buckley biopic premieres at Toronto Film Festival

By | Published on Wednesday 19 September 2012

Jeff Buckley

So, there’s a film coming out about Jeff Buckley. Not the story of how he became well known and then tragically drowned in 1997, but instead the story of how he helped out with a tribute show for his late father Tim in 1991. Under the banner “Greetings From Tim Buckley’, the show at St Ann’s Church in Brooklyn is considered to be an important turning point in Jeff’s musical career, although he didn’t want it to be.

Directed by Dan Algrant (who directed three episodes of the ‘Sex In The City’ TV show) and starring Penn Badgley (‘Gossip Girl’), the film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month. You don’t need to hang around for its next screening (whenever that may be) to find out what happens in it though, thanks to the trend to edit trailers to be three minute versions of the entire film they’re supposed to be enticing us all to see.

Removing any celebrity angle from it, it’s about a guy struggling with feelings of confusion and self-doubt (much relating to the fact that he wants to go into the same profession as his dead father but on his own terms), which he is helped to overcome by an attractive woman. And music. Mainly the woman though, because it’s easier to write dialogue for actual people.

Kate Nash is in it too, so that’s nice. Have a look for yourself here: