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Jessie J planning to sing BRITs acceptance speech

By | Published on Tuesday 8 February 2011

Jessie J

Hey, how about this for a bad idea? Singing your acceptance speech for the BRITs Critics Choice Award. Or any award, for that matter. But, hey, that’s what Jessie J is planning to do. Okay, she’s probably not, she was probably joking, but I’m trying to manufacture some outrage here, please leave me be.

She said these words to Notion magazine: “I’m actually thinking of writing a song for my speech, instead of doing a speech. Just cos no one’s ever done it, and I think it would be quite entertaining for people. I reckon it’s quite boring, innit, people just getting up and going: ‘Yeah, thanks to my fans’. You know what I mean? I think it’d be more interesting to do a really funny song”.

Hmm, actually, she does sound a bit like she means it. Jessie, if you’re reading, have a little think about this. Have a think about how excruciating it would be if someone else did it. That’s how bad it would be if you did it. No one’s done it before because it’s a terrible idea. And there’s no need to thank your fans anyway, they didn’t vote for this award. I suggest you simply nod to the audience and then leave the stage. That would be best. Or don’t turn up at all. I’m not sure you can be trusted not to do something silly.