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Joe Moss 1943-2015

By | Published on Monday 26 October 2015

Joe Moss

The Smiths’ first manager Joe Moss has died from cancer aged 72. The news was announced via a statement on Johnny Marr’s website, whose solo career Moss had continued to manage.

Moss stepped down as The Smiths’ manager in 1983, just as they were preparing for their first US tour. Staying in the music industry by promoting shows at Manchester’s Night & Day CafĂ©, he returned to management in 1998 with the group Marion, and took on Marr as a solo artist in 1999 until his death.

“Joe was a one off, an amazing person and totally unique”, said Marr. “He started looking after me when I was seventeen; it was Joe who put the idea in my head to go and knock on Morrissey’s door. He invested his time and money in us when no one else wanted to know, and his belief in us kept us going. Without him there wouldn’t have been any Smiths. He was an original beatnik and a true bohemian, respected by all. Everyone who met him loved him; he can never be replaced”.

Moss is survived by his wife Sarah and five children David, Rachael, Ivan, Stella and Edie.