John Talabot to release LP extras, remix EP

By | Published on Tuesday 18 September 2012

John Talabot

Spanish house senor John Talabot, whose debut ‘fIN’ was CMU approved upon its release in February, will release a couple of spare tracks from sessions for that very LP. The only slight catch is that the release will only be available as a seven-inch record at his forthcoming tour dates, just one of which (a Halloween-themed TEED party at Manchester’s Warehouse Project on 26 Oct) is Britain-based.

Oh well, you can still listen to the two tracks – as are titled ‘Mai Mes’ and ‘Tragedial’ – here:

JT will also release an EP of ‘fIN’ remixes – the first volume of several such collections – towards the end of the month, with input by Bullion, Kenton Slash Denton and Pachanga Boys.

And in the meantime, this is his and ‘fIN’ track ‘Destiny’ collaborator Pional’s version of Chairlift’s ‘I Belong In Your Arms’. And speaking of that, Chairlift have translated the original ‘I Belong’ into Japanese, and this is what came of it.