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Johnny Marr supports new funding scheme for young Salford-based musicians

By | Published on Monday 31 October 2022

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr has teamed up with the Salford Foundation Trust to provide funding for a young musician based in the city of Salford in Greater Manchester.

The financial support provided by the Johnny Marr Award can be used to buy musical instruments or recording equipment, or to otherwise progress the music career of the recipient of the grant of up to £1000. The award will be presented each year for the next three years.

Peter Collins, Managing Trustee at the Salford Foundation Trust, says: “I am very grateful for the support from Johnny Marr – we can’t let financial difficulties stand in the way of talent and this fund gives a young person in Salford for each of the next three years a chance to progress their talent”.

Meanwhile, Marr himself adds: “It’s a privilege to make a contribution to the creative development of young people. The Salford Foundation Trust is a great example of positive local action that makes a difference. It’s an honour to be involved”.

The funding scheme was formally announced earlier this month and Salford-based musicians aged 25 or under have until 15 Nov to put in an application via the Foundation’s website.