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Jonas Brothers Wembley gig sells out quick

By | Published on Monday 2 March 2009

Well, we were discussing just the other day how big America’s main pop sensation of the moment, the Jonas Brothers, had become over here. Not knowing many twelve-year old girls we were wondering if they were as big in their target demographic in Britain as they clearly are in the States.

Well, they’re obviously big enough in the UK to be pissing of NME readers, they having awarded the Brothers two of the ‘worst’ gongs at last week’s NME Awards, and it would seem there are enough fans of the trio to sell out Wembley Arena in one day.

Taking seven hours to sell out the venue may be pretty slow by Take That’s standards, but with the Jonas Brothers still very much aimed at just the teen market, such a quick sell out suggests they are doing rather well over here too.

Those on the Jonas bandwagon will be pleased to know that not only does the 15 Jun Wembley show coincide with the release of their next album, but there’ll be a ‘3D Concert Experience’ DVD out in May and Disney Channel TV show later this year. Joy.