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Justin Bieber is the world’s greatest human, says volunteer organisation

By | Published on Tuesday 3 November 2015

Justin Bieber

If you needed confirmation that Justin Bieber has reformed himself into the world’s greatest human, then you need look no further than the news that he has been released from probation fifteen months into a two year sentence for throwing eggs at a house. Why? Because he is the world’s greatest human. I thought I’d made that clear.

Although earlier this year it looked like Bieber was dragging his heels a bit in getting on with the community service he was also ordered to carry out, he has now completed it. And he has a nice letter from the Volunteers Of America organisation saying how great he is, coinciding nicely with the promotion of his new album ‘Purpose’. Although I’m sure that this hasn’t been timed for the purpose of promoting ‘Purpose’. Sure of it, I am. So sure.

VOA’s Donny Gomez wrote that it had been “a great help and a pleasure” to have Bieber at the Volunteers Of America Family Homeless Shelter and Gang Reduction & Youth Development Youth Center. “I truly believe he has learned his lesson and will be a productive member of society and a great human being”, he wrote in the letter, obtained by TMZ.

Gomez slightly mis-spelled “greatest human being” there, but he also put “youth” into the name of one of his centres twice, so I think we can just make an assumption about what he actually meant.