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Kanye West applies to trademark presidential campaign slogan

By | Published on Wednesday 14 October 2020

Kanye West

With Kanye West’s US presidential campaign looking increasingly like a ruse to shift some expensive merch, it has now emerged that the rapper is attempting to trademark his campaign slogan, ‘God Save America’.

Records show that West’s Yeezy fashion company filed a trademark application on 7 Oct, seeking exclusive use of the phrase on sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies – all of which are already being sold at eye-watering prices on the West presidential campaign website.

It is highly unlikely that the application will be approved in time for the election next month, which suggests that West is hoping that the slogan will live on further – similarly to Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ – either independently of the campaign or on into the 2024 presidential election.

Like many big name musicians today – Taylor Swift most notably – a key part of West’s business portfolio is trademarks. Earlier this year he filed an application for ‘2020Vision’, also in relation to his presidential campaign, as well as several phrases and logos associated with this Sunday Service church project. There are also several applications outstanding for the Yeezy brand itself, including the phrase ‘West Day Ever’.

Over the weekend, West released his first election campaign advert, giving voters little to go on about what to expect of him in the highly unlikely event that he becomes US President.