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Kanye West holds second Donda listening event, no sign of the album on streaming services yet though

By | Published on Friday 6 August 2021

Kanye West second Donda listening party

So, Kanye West held his second listening event for new album ‘Donda’ at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta last night. A smaller audience than last time – still 35,000 though – heard an updated version of the record, which now includes guest appearances by Kid Cudi and The Weeknd.

While the first listening session two weeks ago saw West wander around the stadium floor alone, this one was more of a production. With the centre of the stadium set up to mimic the sparse living quarters West has occupied within the venue complex while continuing work on the album, he was circled by hundreds of dancers dressed in black.

West also put on a bit more of a show this time, doing press-upstaking a phonecallrunning around under a cloak, and finally floating up to the room of the vast room.

A good mix of spectacular and odd then. And reviewers who attended both stadium events seem to think that the two week delay has resulted in a much better album. But, what do the general public think now that ‘Donda’ is finally available on all the streaming services? They think nothing! Because, as I think everyone deep down really expected, the album has not yet been released.

Although reps for West had promised that the album would be out today, following the second listening event, it has not yet appeared. However, a pre-order page has now been set up on iTunes. The page initially listed the release date as 9 Aug, although that has now been revised to 7 Aug.

Does that mean we’ll finally get to hear this album properly at some point this weekend? I’m not sure you should be clearing your diary. Let’s all just look forward to the next listening party on, presumably, 19 Aug, at which point it will probably have been re-worked as a bluegrass record.

Right now, your best bet is to watch this new Beats By Dre advert, which features a bit of a new West and Dr Dre track called ‘Glory’: