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Kanye West producer denies quitting Donda

By | Published on Monday 16 August 2021

Kanye West Donda listening party

Kanye West producer Mike Dean has denied that he has quit working on the rapper’s still-not-released ‘Donda’ album, and also clarified what he meant when he agreed that the build up to the release of the new record had become “toxic”. This is after – in the absence of any new music to listen to – West’s fans started analysing the producer’s tweets.

Dean posted various tweets yesterday, including saying that it was “good to be at the house”, having seemingly left West’s makeshift studio at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. He also said that he would be focussing on an upcoming solo live show for the next week.

‘Donda’ of course, was scheduled for release last month, following a listening event at the stadium. However, instead, West and his team remained in the venue for two weeks to continue working on the project. A second listening event took place earlier this month, and again plans to release the record the following day did not come to fruition. Since then, the release date has been moved back and forth regularly, with an iTunes pre-order page currently listing it as 20 Aug.

Dean also reportedly tweeted, “I left Monday. Secretly. Had to get away”. And, replying to a message from a fan saying that the whole ‘Donda’ rollout seemed “toxic”, he said (and subsequently deleted): “Toxic. That’s it”.

Later he tweeted: “I haven’t quit anything. The album continues. People read too much into tweets”.

As for the “toxic” comment, he added: “I mean toxic fans asking questions you moron writers. Jesus. People take shit out of context”.

Some fans are taking all this as a positive sign that recording on the album is now complete, making Dean’s presence no longer required. It is speculated that mixing is now the hold up.

Though, if he’s only just got going with the mix, West is probably going to struggle to make that 20 Aug deadline. But, whatever, let’s assume this record will be released someday, and in the meantime everyone just needs to be a bit more patient.