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Kelloggs designs cereal for Charlatans frontman

By | Published on Wednesday 22 February 2012

Tim Burgess

If you haven’t had a conversation on the internet at some point in your life about a fictional breakfast cereal then I’m not sure you should be allowed to own a modem. I mean, seriously, what have you been doing with your life?

“Oh but it’s such a pointless thing to do”, I hear you say, like a big idiot. Yeah? Well if it’s so pointless, how do you explain this?

That there is a cereal box mocked up by Kelloggs after Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess told his 21,000 Twitter followers that he’d like a rocky road flavoured cereal called Totes Amazeballs. And because people in the Kelloggs product design department apparently have a lot of time on their hands, they knocked a box together.

Whose conversations are pointless now, huh? Although it does occur to me that when we tweeted that we’d like our office to have a glass floor with sharks swimming under it, not one person offered to come around and install it. Not even Kelloggs.