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Kelly Rowland pushing Bacardi rum (and a “sexy” new album)

By | Published on Monday 18 June 2012

Kelly Rowland

Since she’s pretty much ‘Down For Whatever’ nowadays, Kelly Rowland has signed on as the promotional face of popular rum brand Bacardi. At the centre of the campaign is Kelly and DJ Project B’s rework of Kate Yanai’s memorable club classic, ‘Summer Dreaming’ aka ‘The Barcardi Song’ (no, me neither), which is presumably also your fate if you overindulge in said rum beverage.

Discussing the track’s concept whilst filming a Bacardi promo in Barcelona, Kelly says: “You think about dreaming, you think about summer, you think about colours, you think about fabrics that blow in the wind, and shorts and hot pants which everybody’s wearing right now, and how it just makes you feel cool and sexy and fly”.

She also goes on to say that work on her fourth solo LP is now in its closing stages, adding: “It’s a very urban, R&B, sexy, unexpected record on this next album. It’s gonna make you think. It’s gonna make you wonder”.