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Kitty Pryde comments on Danny Brown incident

By | Published on Thursday 2 May 2013

Kitty Pryde

Currently supporting Danny Brown on his US tour, fellow rapper Kitty Pryde has provided her thoughts on those recent reports that her fellow performer received a blow job on stage from a fan while performing in Minneapolis at the weekend.

Despite his apparent brag on Twitter to Kendrick Lamar that he “didn’t miss one bar” during the onstage liaison, Pryde says in an article for Noisey that reports have exaggerated what occurred, and that Brown and everyone else on the tour feels fairly awkward about it. She also says Brown didn’t instigate the felatio, and that he put a stop to it very quickly, which is why only one photo of the incident seemingly exists on the entire internet.

She writes: “I [have] had my pants ripped off onstage, and didn’t know what to do either because being naked in front of 1000 people is incredibly scary and there’s not much quick decision-making happening in your brain during that sort of thing. Now I’m prepared to kick a motherfucker in the teeth if he touches me at all, and I equip myself with giant boots for that reason”.

But when the tables are turned, she added, such a violent reaction is not possible: “What is Danny supposed to do? The girl was at mouth-to-dick level already and to push her away, he would’ve had to either pushed her face or kicked her, and even the most gentle of either motion would immediately be labeled ‘abuse’ by anyone watching. Guys pushing girls is not a good look when people are taking photos. So what was Danny supposed to do, other than back away, which he did?”

She continues: “If he had figured out a way to gently push the girl off him immediately without looking like he was smacking her in the face, he’s faced with attacks on his masculinity by every douchebro in the building. Yo dude, you don’t want your dick sucked, bro? Are you gay? Haha you’re gay you don’t want girls to suck your dick haha gay dude bro man swag! And that’s a rapper’s literal nightmare”.

Read Pryde’s article in full here.