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Kylie confirmed for Hit Factory fest

By | Published on Friday 8 June 2012

Kylie Minogue

So, with Rick, Jason, Hazell, Sonia, Lonnie, Sinitta, Lee, Claire, Lisa, Faye, H, Pepsi and Shirlie all already on board, there was really only one obvious name missing from the line up to the Hit Factory Live mini-festival being staged by Live Nation in Hyde Park on 11 Jul in celebration of the Stock, Aiken and, especially, Waterman pop machine that so defined late 80s British pop music. And that name was Ms Minogue.

But that name is missing no more, because Kylie has been confirmed for the SAW show, and not only that, she’s committed to singing ‘Especially For You’ with the aforementioned Jason, the schmaltzy ballad arguably representing the peak of the Hit Factory era (and, you might say, an all time low for British pop music, though that would be to forget 911, Adam Rickett, Blue and all that David Guetta stuff that’s been in the charts recently. And anyway, Kylie and Jason are Australian).

Minogue told Glamour: “I’m going to sing ‘Especially For You’ with Jason Donovan. I don’t think we’ll even need to sing it; I’m sure the audience all went through the Neighbours wedding.  It’s going to bring the house down!”