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Leona still hates meat

By | Published on Thursday 11 April 2013

Leona Lewis

Popstar and avid anti-meat advocate Leona Lewis really, really isn’t a fan of humans eating animals. Or animals of any kind eating other animals. So basically, the general eating of animals by any thing: man, beast or machine.

Anyway. She’d like the world to know this, and so has composed a blog post on the topic.

It’s all quite abstract, but go with it:

“I decided at an early age that I did not want an animal to be killed so that I could eat it. I wasn’t fooled by the golden crispy chicken nugget that looked nothing like it would have, had it not been highly processed and disguised.

Instead I saw blood, flesh and bone. The exact same blood, flesh and bone that you and I have. I knew that they felt pain; I knew that they felt suffering. I knew that they did not want to die.

How could I be OK knowing that male baby chicks are thrown into meat grinders because only females can give us eggs, veal is actually a calf ripped from its mother and slaughtered, animals are electrocuted, gassed, their throats cut the list goes on and on and I refused to be any part of it.

As I got older I became more knowledgeable about the damaging effects that the mass meat industry has on our environment.

I also learned about the negative effects that ALL meat, not just red meat, has on our health and how animal protein is heavily linked to many forms of cancer.

When someone tells me I don’t have enough protein I tell them that for every 100 calories of steak there is 6.4g of protein and for every 100 calories of broccoli there is 11.1g of protein. The same pattern continues for all meat protein vs vegetable protein nutrient tables”.

“Stick that in your pipe and smoke it”, it ends. Right, I’m off for a burger. With broccoli on the side.