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Lewis Hamilton refuses to say if he’s on the new Christina Aguilera album

By | Published on Friday 29 June 2018

Lewis Hamilton

Do you remember a few weeks ago when you noticed that six thousand opinion pieces had been written saying that Christina Aguilera wasn’t getting the recognition she deserved for her new album? Yeah, still didn’t listen to it, did you? It’s alright, it’s really not that amazing. I mean, it’s fine, but I’m not about to write an essay about it. But, anyway, by not listening to it, you also missed Lewis Hamilton’s debut as a vocalist. Or did you?

Come on, I can see how people telling you that the new Christina Aguilera album is really good might not be enough to get you to listen to it. But the possibility of hearing a Formula One driver sing must surely have got you rushing to hit play. No?

Well, whatever. On one of the songs on the album, ‘Pipe’, there’s a vocalist credited only as XNDA. Aguilera is remaining tight-lipped about who that singer is, but has said that she’s very excited for everyone to discover the identity of her “multi-talented” collaborator.

The rumour going around now is that it’s Hamilton. Which makes sense, because we already know he has ambitions to be a pop star. Is he now on the road to becoming one? Well, all you have to do is ask.

Actually, it turns out that asking doesn’t really help. Ahead of this week’s Austria Grand Prix, he was quizzed on the matter several times, but refused to confirm or deny his involvement in the song. “My sole goal right now and focus is fully Formula One”, he said, according to Reuters.

He added that he’d already been asked about this at a previous race and was no more inclined to discuss possible pop collaborations now than then. “It’s not really something I want to speak about, I’m here really to talk and focus solely on trying to win this championship and that’s really where all my energy is at the moment,” he said.

Asked if that meant he was denying that it was his voice on the song, he shrugged: “As I said, I’m just here to… I don’t really know what to say”.

Don’t say it Lewis… SING IT!