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Liam Gallagher named NME’s latest Godlike Genius

By | Published on Friday 1 December 2017

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher will be handed the NME’s Godlike Genius award at its annual prize giving bash in February. He takes the trophy six whole years after his brother Noel, the magazine having never thought it appropriate to award it to him during the Beady Eye wilderness years.

“I wanna thank the NME for their Godlike Genius Award”, says Gallagher. “It’s about fucking time as far as I’m concerned. Gonna be playing their awards show [on] 14 Feb. As you were, you fuckers!”

Genius. Although, what that quote in text form doesn’t really get across, is that he said all that while climbing a steep hill.┬áIt works much better as a video. The video is 67% more genius than the quote alone.

NME Editor-In-Chief Mike Williams adds: “Every once in a while you’re faced with a decision that you might call a total no-brainer. Giving Liam Gallagher the Godlike Genius Award 2018 falls into that category. Through his history, the tunes, the swagger and the sense of humour, Liam is one of the most iconic rock stars of all time. He’s a frontman who knows the job description – look cool, belt it out, be totally Godlike – and I can’t wait to see him take his rightful place on the throne in Brixton in February”.

As Liam said outright and Mike only vaguely alluded to – even though it’s really the latter’s job to communicate the logistical data – the NME Awards 2018 will take place on 14 Feb. As Liam failed to mention entirely and Mike again only alluded to, it will take place at the Brixton Academy. It really shouldn’t be my job to communicate the logistical data.